Coding for Employment to empower African youth with innovation and digital skills

During the Africa Innovation Summit 2018, the African Development Bank (AfDB) in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Facebook, announced the launch of the Coding for Employment Program (CEP). This initiative will prepare youth from the continent with skills that empower them to become employable in the context of the digital revolution.

One of the key stakeholders in this process will be African universities, which are expected to collaborate in the Coding for Employment Program by incorporating innovative and digital skills in their curriculum, and hosting 130 ICT centers of excellence that will provide trainings. Universities will not only provide a physical space for ICT infrastructure, but also their staff to share knowledge with the IT industry.

According to Chawki Chahed from AfDB, “Universities in many African countries are experiencing a surge in enrolment, that is the reason why the African education system will gain from providing opportunities to absorb the entry of millions of African young people into the national and global workforce.”

Source: University World News