Together Digiwijzer gathers Dutch organizations to promote digital literacy for children

Samen Digiwijzer Logo

Samen Digiwijzer Logo

Together Digiwijzer is a Dutch project mainly focused on training children with digital skills from an early age. Given the anticipation of growing digitalization in the job market and social life, the program intends to prepare youth with knowledge that will be necessary to succeed in most fields during the coming years.

The initiative, which was originally created by CodePact, and Kennisnet, entails delivering support to schools to improve their digital literacy training capabilities. Additional partners such as the Dutch Cyber Security Council will provide backup training to enhance the children’s skills in vital areas requiring the use of technology safely and productively, such as cybersecurity and media literacy.

The group has also announced that it will promote embedding digital skills in the new curriculum by 2019. Learn more about the program and how to provide support at Meedoen! or download the summary of Samen Digiwijzer for additional information.

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