Public-private partnership teaches digital skills to children from São Paulo, Brazil

Picture from ITF 365

Picture from ITF 365

Qualcomm, São Paulo’s Ministry of Education and + Unidos Group launched a project called RoboLab to train professors from public schools in computational thinking and robotics. The program is intended to expand digital literacy skills for children by means of the recently issued high-speed broadband services offered by different government initiatives.

RoboLab was generated to promote and strengthen the adoption of the recently published National Shared Curriculum that requires both public and private schools to provide children with opportunities to learn technology skills. During the first phase, ten schools from the Southern region will receive the training. By the end of the year, students will participate in a competition that will reward the most innovative projects.

According to João Cury Neto, Ministry of Education of São Paulo: “Similar projects reinforce the relevance of collaboration between public and private sector to improve infrastructure and connectivity in schools, while promoting digital inclusion. Through access to technology resources and specialized knowledge, young students will be able to have better professional opportunities. Technology should be an ally of education to build a better future.”

Source: IT Forum 365