Consortium of organizations seeks to boost digital literacy and accessibility in Suffolk, UK

A consortium of organizations comprised of Cisco, Bronze Software Labs, GDS Digital Services, Suffolk Council, and University of Suffolk announced a collaboration project to promote digital inclusion among British seniors and persons with disabilities. The group will combine the efforts of academia, public and private sector organizations to get people connected and teach them how to become more productive leveraging technology tools.

The program will initially intend to provide the elderly and persons with disabilities with access to connectivity and training on how to use technology. This is expected to enable the beneficiaries to gain access to public services and better channels to communicate with family or friends. According to Beccy Hopfensperger, cabinet member for adult care at Suffolk County Council, “With many of our services now online, it is more important than ever to ensure everyone has access to digital services. A vital tool for connectivity, this program will also enable people to develop the necessary skills and experience to feel more confident online.”

Source: Computer Weekly