38 women graduated from digital literacy and entrepreneuriship programs in Uruguay

Course Graduation

Course Graduation

Uruguay’s National Public Education Administration (ANEP) through the Council of Technical and Professional Education (CETP-UTU) delivered diplomas for 38 women that graduated from three programs: Barrido Inclusivo, Entre-Costuras, and the Space for Digital Inclusion UTU-Antel.

The first program, Barrido Inclusivo, provided digital literacy and entrepreneuriship training for women from remote and underserved regions. The second one, Entre-Costuras, focused on supporting women from the textile industry to use technology tools to improve their productivity and share their products with a broader audience. The third group was targeted youth and adolescents who participated in digital inclusion courses related to multimedia, programming, audiovisual editing and web design.

Given that the programs will continue in the future, organizers announced that graduates would participate in surveys to know more about the expectations of participants in the labor market and the results of the training.

Source: Presidencia Uruguay