Movimento Pró-Criança introduces youth and children to ICTs in Pernambuco, Brazil

Foto Divulgação Pro-Criança_Retrieved from DIario de Pernambuco

Foto Divulgação Pro-Criança_Retrieved from DIario de Pernambuco

Pro-Children Movement (Movimento Pró-Criança) is currently offering free three-month courses for youth and children from Pernambuco, Brazil, to learn skills such as computer hardware maintenance, informatics and robotics. The program, called “Núcleo de Inclusão Digital”, has already started training 200 youth aged 10-25 since early August 2018.

The organization has provided digital inclusion training for youth since 2015, and has so far supported almost 2,300 participants. According to Fernando Marroquim, coordinator of the program, “Besides offering professional qualifications, the program promotes youth entrepreneurship and supports them to develop their learning capabilities.”

The Núcleo de Inclusão Digital center for youth training obtains most of its course infrastructure from recycling donated old IT devices such as monitors, computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Source: Diario de Pernambuco