The Digital Literacy Alliance funds 12 projects to bridge the digital divide in Philadelphia, USA

Digital Literacy Alliance

Digital Literacy Alliance

The Digital Literacy Alliance awarded close to USD 175,000 to 12 organizations from Philadelphia to provide the population with access to digital skills training. The program is mainly focused on helping seniors, persons with disabilities and population from underserved regions to leverage technology to access more and better opportunities.

The grant was divided in two categories, one for supporting ongoing projects, and another one to boost innovation. Some of the most innovative projects included:

  • Furness High School: teaching English language through coding
  • Overbrook Educational Center: implementing BrailleNote Touch devices to support persons with visual disabilities
  • Supportive Older Women’s Network: offering digital literacy workshops for parents to better communicate and participate in raising their grandchildren

The programme demonstrates how cities can promote digital skills training through collaboration with community groups. According to Andrew Buss, deputy chief innovation officer for the Office of Innovation and Technology who runs the fund, “Digital literacy is certainly not a one-size-fits-all kind of topic. I was struck by how different the organizations and the work was.  It shows the range of how digital literacy applies to our lives in 2018, whether it’s personal health management or the more obvious, like looking for work and housing.”

Source: Technical.Ly, Statescoop