Google Digital Garage will start a bus tour to bring digital skills training for small businesses and charities in Scotland

Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh

Google Digital Garage in Edinburgh

In mid-July 2018 another Google Digital Garage was opened in Scotland to provide small businesses and charities from Edinburgh with access to free digital skills and entrepreneurship training. A month later, the organizers announced that the initiative will deploy a bus tour to visit 50 different locations from the region beginning in Glasgow. The Google Digital Garage bus will offer free workshops and one-on-one coaching to visitors that book an appointment or drop by for support.

The training offered at this mobile location will range from beginner to intermediate topics including first steps online, building a CV, and social media strategies. Visitors will also be able to learn about online safety and security to protect from common scams and threats. The full bus itinerary is available on the project’s website.

Google Digital Garage is an initiative built upon the collaboration of government, education and industry partners including The Good Things Foundation, Bank of Scotland, Glasgow Life, the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organizations, and the Department of Work and Pensions.

Source: Daily Business Group