Last reminder to participate in Africa Code Week 2018!

Africa Code Week is soon to begin in October 2018, with the objective of empowering over 600,000 children and youth throughout the entire continent. The initiative consists of a network of public, private and civil organizations seeking to boost digital skills as a core pillar of basic education across Africa. The program adopts a train-the-trainer scheme in which a group of beneficiaries are first prepared to organize thousands of workshops and activities for one week once a year.

A recent post from shared five ways to get involved in Africa Code Week and learn how to code:

  1. Attend a live workshop, among a series of events that will be taking place in schools, universities, science and community centers.
  2. Access a free online course offered by platforms such as openSAP, leveraging MIT Media Lab’s Scratch programme.
  3. Host a coding workshop that follows the guidelines on the Africa Code Week website
  4. Become a coding instructor and participate in the train-the-trainer events not only to prepare digital skills instructors for Africa Code Week but to ensure coding training continues throughout the year
  5. Become a corporate sponsor and engage customers, partners or employees as skilled volunteers and expand Africa Code Week to new countries.

Africa Code Week is a joint initiative organized by SAP, the Cape Town Science Center, the Camden Education Trust, UNESCO Youth Mobile, Google, The German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, and a network of over 150 private and public partners.