Code.Org shares encouraging information about growing digital literacy for schools in the US

Screenshot from website

Screenshot from website

In January 2018 we published an article sharing some of the achievements of Code.Org with its 2017 Hour of Code program to boost digital skills throughout schools worldwide, with a main focus on the United States. The nonprofit organization is currently attempting to promote the inclusion of computer science as a basic skill in school curriculum and has received support from multiple organizations such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, Infosys Foundation, Microsoft, and more.

In late August 2018, released an update indicating there was a 31% increase in the number of US high school students choosing to present AP Computer science exams, reaching a total of 136,000 students nationally. These tests are available for US students to receive college credits prior to graduation from high school.

A second component of’s announcement explained that during the summer of 2018 alone, they had reached over 10,000 computer science teachers with workshops and learning events called Teacher Conferences (TeacherCons). Additional metrics indicated that since the launch of the initiative in 2013, 80,000 teachers had completed their Professional Learning Program to begin teaching computer science. The learning experiences provided for teachers are directly impacting the development of digital skills for thousands of students in the country.