United Kingdom launches consultation to improve digital skills qualifications for adults

Picture from Gov.UK.

Picture from Gov.UK.

The government of United Kingdom has launched a consultation to help boost digital skills for 11.3 million adults in the country that do not have the knowledge to use technology effectively for accomplishing daily activities. The consultation took place during the Get Online Week, with the purpose of setting out core digital skills seniors need for their life and jobs, introducing improved basic digital skills qualifications for different levels of expertise, and introducing a nationwide entitlement for adults to enroll in free digital skills training from 2020.

This initiative was built in alignment with the 2017 UK Digital Strategy, which intends to provide the population with equal access to core digital skills. It will support the UK government to increase the level of digital literacy in coordination with other recent initiatives, such as the announced Digital Skills Innovation Fund, or the launch of a £400,000 Digital Inclusion Fund to help seniors and persons with disabilities acquire digital skills.

According to Helen Milner, Chief Executive of The Good Things Foundation, “We’re delighted that adults who lack essential digital skills will be able to benefit from free support to gain these skills. Putting digital literacy on the same footing as English and Maths is an important step, recognizing the centrality of digital skills in the modern world.”

Source: Gov.UK