MedAlertHelp develops infographic about the elderly and their habits as internet users

MedAlertHelp Infographic

MedAlertHelp Infographic

Global Accessibility News released an article explaining some of the challenges we currently face to provide senior citizens with access to digital skills. Taking into consideration that the amount of elderly people worldwide is growing, bridging the digital divide faced by seniors is currently a topic of major importance.

The article referenced an infographic released by MedAlertHelp, which presents some of the main trends of senior internet users. Understanding senior’s relationship with technology is necessary to develop programmes that address the needs and interests of this group. Some of the most relevant trends presented in the infographic include the following:

  • 71% of older internet users go online every day, or almost every day.
  • Seniors commonly use the internet to access information about personal interests (78%), remain updated on political/policy issues (60%), or as a source of news and information (33%).
  • Seniors commonly use internet to communicate with family and friends (75%).
  • Some other activities seniors commonly perform online include getting health or medical information (66%), visiting government websites (58%), accessing financial or banking services, and using social networking sites.

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Sources: GAN and Med Alert Help