Twelve youth organizations were selected to promote digital and social inclusion in the Philippines

Picture from Sunstar.

Picture from Sunstar.

Mano Amiga Philippines and Facebook presented the 12 youth organizations that would receive their support to design and implement youth-driven campaigns to promote digital literacy in the country. The campaigns will last for four months, and will address digital literacy next to topics such as responsible social media use, cyber bullying prevention, and outreach to indigenous communities.

The selected organizations were announced during a national summit that brought together 78 student leaders, social innovators, and community developers. Participants received training with multiple workshops and discussions to hone their ideas, learn about available tools, and understand how to best spread digital skills within their communities.

According to Lynn Pingu, executive director and co-founder of Mano Amiga, “Digital literacy goes beyond just knowing how to use online platforms. We are very excited for the potential social impact of the campaigns that the youth organizations are set to launch in the coming weeks. We look forward to supporting them to execute their plans and share with their communities what they learned and advocate for them to become responsible digital citizens.”

The top five teams that were recognized during the summit were:

  1. #TheSMLProject, which will consist of promoting responsible social media consumption and content creation to avoid fake news and hate speech.
  2. I Am Mindanao will consist of educating youth to avoid violent behaviors online in order to promote a more secure environment.
  3. Camp SEWI (Students Environmental Writing Initiative) will consist of leveraging digital communications to promote conversation on environmental issues.
  4. Project SMILE will consist of a series of community engagement activities to address the needs of people from underserved regions and persons with disabilities.
  5. Project Saysay will consist of leveraging digital communications to disseminate relevant, useful, and inspiring information from history.

Source: Sunstar