Organizations in the United States receive grants to teach people with autism how to code

Picture from Disability Scoop.

Picture from Disability Scoop.

Nonprofit Autism Speaks is backing 14 programmes in the United States to teach people with autism how to code, along with other digital literacy skills. This initiative is part of the NXT Gen Coders Program, which is a joint initiative with GameStop, to help address unemployment of young adults with autism.

According to Thomas Frazier, chief science officer at Autism Speaks, “NXT GEN Coders grants will expand access to programmes teaching skills that are in high demand, positioning more people with autism for careers and helping them achieve greater independence.”

Some of the organizations that are currently receiving these grants include: Boys & Girls Clubs, Coding Autism, Families Helping Families NOLA, Friends of Green Chimneys, Islands of Brilliance, the National Foundation for Autism Research, the nonPareil Institute, Tech Kids Unlimited, Tech Talent, The Specialists Guild, We Connect the Dots, Woodhaven Learning Center, and Yukodit.

Source: Disability Scoop