New digital literacy programme to empower women from Northeast India

Picture from Nagaland Post.

Picture from Nagaland Post.

The National Commission for Women, Facebook, and the Cyber Peace Foundation jointly launched a digital literacy programme for women in Northeast India in December 2018.  The digital literacy and online safety programme for the women of the Northeast is specialized in teaching women digital skills that empower them to play an active role in digital society.

Beyond digital training, the programme hopes to enable women to protect themselves and respond to cybercrime. For one year, 60,000 women in major cities across the region will be given awareness training to learn “safe and responsible use” of online resources and email, and how to identify questionable information. Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of the National Commission for Women, emphasized the value of this focus, saying “safety of women is a top priority.”

In her speech, the governor linked the programme’s launch to the Digital North East Vision 2022, which seeks to improve the lives of people in the region using digital technologies. She thanked the programme sponsors, saying that the “women of Manipur were highly talented and … should not be left behind.”

Source: Nagaland Post