Singapore Management University and AliBaba Cloud to upskill workers in digital technologies

Image from SMU

The Singapore Management University (SMU) and Alibaba Cloud will launch a series of courses to upskill more than 1,000 working professionals in Singapore, starting March 2019.

The curriculum is designed specifically to empower SMEs, aiming to equip businesses with the right competencies and capabilities to navigate technological disruptions and evolving consumer behavior. The courses will cover trends and digital strategies across a range of industries and bring participants up to speed on the adoption of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, A.I. and blockchain.

Dr. Lim Lai Cheng, Executive Director of SMU Academy, said, “Following the completion of their face-to-face training, we hope to encourage participants to continue learning and sharing through the use of Alibaba’s online platforms.  Over time, we hope to build a strong online learning community among Singaporeans and SMEs.”

The courses are being funded by SkillsFuture Singapore. In the future, SMU and Alibaba Cloud plan include a mentorship programme to help participating SMEs implement these tech-enabled strategies for their businesses.

Source: Singapore Management University