Social enterprise Blossom Academy to equip youth in West Africa with data analytics skills

Image from Blossom Academy.

Blossom Academy, a social enterprise dedicated to equipping youth in West Africa with data-driven skills, has made a commitment to the Digital Skills for Jobs Campaign, part of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth.

As part of their commitment, Blossom Academy will train youth in West Africa on the topics of data analytics and soft skills. The programme was launched to address skills shortages in the high-demand area of data analytics, and to equip young people with the necessary skills to pursue a career in data science or launch their own data-driven start-up.

The programme involves a cohort-based learning experience and delivers a demand-driven curriculum that will equip youth with job-ready skills for a variety of industries. Blossom Academy therefore works closely with employers to identify data-related skills gaps and to leverage this knowledge in the curriculum design process. In partnership with DataCamp and Microsoft 4Afrika, Blossom Academy recruits applicants, matches graduates with employers, and fosters strategic partnerships and alumni services.

Blossom Academy’s commitment contributes to the Digital Skills for Jobs Campaign, led by ITU and ILO, and its aim of equipping 5 million young people with job-ready transferable digital skills by 2030.

Source: Decent Jobs For Youth