Huawei puts digital inclusion front and center in announcement of ‘Tech4ALL’ initiative

Huawei has announced a new initiative, Tech4ALL, to promote the digital inclusion for both individuals and small businesses by focusing efforts on connectivity, applications and skills. The initiative aims to help 500 million additional people around the world benefit directly from digital technology in the next five years.

The announcement was made by Huawei’s deputy chairman Ken Hu during his speech on at the ministerial programme of this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), in Barcelona, Spain. “While much of the telecommunications industry is focused on next generation technology like 5G and AI,” Mr. Hu said, “we can’t forget that there are still many people excluded from the digital world. There are still more than 3.8 billion people who are offline, and one billion people without mobile broadband coverage. We need to expand the definition of digital inclusion beyond connectivity to include applications and skills too.”

Huawei hopes to work more closely with governments, industry partners and other organizations to understand the specific needs of different groups and organizations and expand the reach of this programme to make the digital world more inclusive.

Source: Science | Business