EU countries commit to boost participation of women in digital

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Europe Digital Day 2019

At Digital Day on 9 April 2019, 26 European Member States and Norway have signed the Declaration of commitment on Women in Digital. The aim is to raise the political priority of women’s under-representation in the digital economy.

The declaration, among other things, encourages women to play an active and prominent role in the digital and technology sectors.

The signatories committed to take action and national level, and work closely with the public and private sectors and civil society to achieve equality in tech, in the following areas:

  • Creation of a national strategy to encourage women’s participation in digital;
  • Encouraging broadcasters to promote a positive public image of women in digital;
  • Establishing a European Girls and Women in ICT day;
  • Stimulating companies to combat gender discrimination at work;
  • Advancing a gender-balanced composition of boards, committees and bodies dealing with digital matters;
  • Improving monitoring mechanisms and data collection in order to set improved targets.

The European countries also signed declarations of cooperation on the digitalisation of cultural heritage and the digitalisation of agriculture and rural areas.

Source: EU Monitor