The United Kingdom publishes national standards designed to boost digital skills for adults

The standards are based on the UK’s essential digital skills framework.

The UK government has announced the launch of free digital courses to up-skill adults, aiming to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the digital world and take advantage of digital technology.

This new offer, available from 2020, will fully fund adults with no or low digital skills to undertake the new qualifications. This will be available free of charge to all adults over 19 years old.

The basic skills course involves supporting adults with how to use digital devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops. This is in addition to performing everyday activities like browsing the web and making online payments, that many people take for granted.

The standards are primarily intended for use by awarding organisations in developing new essential digital skills qualifications, available for first teaching from August 2020. The standards will also inform the development of new subject content for digital functional skills qualifications, available for first teaching from 2021.

Source: GOV.UK