OECD launches 2019 Skills Outlook: Thriving in a Digital World

Image from OECD

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released the fourth edition of its skills outlook report, “Thriving in a Digital World”. The report examines how rapid digitalization worldwide is changing both the nature and future of work, and by extension, the skills needed by workers to succeed.

The report is part of OECD’s “I am the Future of Work” campaign. It shows that as job markets evolve in response to technological change, some countries are better prepared because of the skill levels of their populations.

It also demonstrates that most jobs are being impacted by technology, and workers need to adjust their skillset either through training or by learning on the job. Obtaining basic digital, numeracy and problem-solving skills is critical for most workers. Workers also must retrain and upskill to face challenges such as the risk of automation in many jobs areas.

In this regard, the potential of online education is exponential. OECD acknowledges that the popularity of massive open online courses across a broad area of subjects—not just the hard skills like data science and computer science, but also the liberal arts areas—suggests that many workers are aware of the importance of keeping their skillset relevant. However, the report also suggests that there is a lack of funding for training programs for workers with disadvantaged backgrounds, who are more likely to be low-skill.

Source: OECD