Europe Code Week taking place from 5 to 20 October 2019

Image from Europe Code Week

The annual Europe Code Week is in full swing, with activities aimed at improving people’s digital literacy and coding skills running from 5 to 20 October across Europe and beyond.

Europe Code Week is a grass-roots initiative that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, and to show youth, adults and older persons how you bring ideas to life with code and to demystify these skills. EU Code Week is run by volunteers, with anyone having the ability to organise their own activity and add it to the map.

The European Commission supports the initiative as a part of its Digital Single Market strategy, and Code Week is also one of the actions under the European Digital Education Action Plan. In 2018, Europe Code Week engaged 2.7 million people in Europe and beyond with nearly 44 000 activities organised across more than 70 countries.

SourceEU Code Week