ICT in the Australian Curriculum

Image source: http://au.educationhq.com/media/cache/ee/7c/ee7c642fd4c1714ca02572adfebe947a.jpg

Image source: http://au.educationhq.com/media/cache/ee/7c/ee7c642fd4c1714ca02572adfebe947a.jpg

ICT is an incredibly useful tool for teachers to improve literacy, for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), as well as for extracurricular activities such as sports. It is therefore important for teachers to continue to keep up with technological advances so that they can more effectively integrate them into the curriculum.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) emphasizes importance of ICT tools for “investigating, communicating and creating” and believes the curriculum should incorporate ICTs for such purposes.

There are a variety of examples of how ICT can be used in the aforementioned ways. Teachers can use apps on iPads and laptops in reading groups to improve comprehension and spelling. Another way schools are integrating ICT into the curriculum is through student radio programmes. Every week, students at Toorak Primary School in Victoria produce radio news segments for the community. Students experience script writing, interviewing and filming in front a green screen. Also in Victoria, students at Blackburn High School write and record radio programmes as part of their coursework using iPads, iPhones and computers.

In addition to more general apps, there are also programmes targeted to specific learning needs. Autism Spectrum Australia recognizes the potential of iPad apps for students with autism spectrum disorders because they provide tailored, visual learning. One example of a successful app is Proloquo2Go which helps students learn to construct sentences from set vocabulary and symbols.   The app produces visual representations of these sentences and reads them out loud to the user.

Finally, a high school in Melbourne uses GPS technology, pedometers, fitness apps and personal activity trackers in their classes. One particular program involved live streaming track performances so that students can later academically analyze their performance.

Source: Education HQ