Regina Agyare Teaches Girls to Achieve near Accra

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Regina Agyare, a Ghanaian entrepreneur, originally came to Nima, a predominantly Muslim slum near Accra, with Tech Needs Girls to teach a tech seminar in January 2014. This session was so successful that she decided to set up a coding club for girls in the local mosque.

Now, every week, while their parents pray, Agyare teaches the girls as part of the Achievers Ghana project. Amadu Mohammad set up this non-profit organization to educate girls for a small fee to prepare them for formal education.

Agyare teaches participants HTML and how to blog. Together they run the blog “Slum Voices.” Agyare said, “I definitely feel [technology] has given them more of a voice. I feel like it’s allowed them to express themselves and interact with others… for them, it’s important to be heard.”

With Tech Needs Girls, Agyare has also developed a mentorship programme with nearby universities, in part to help more of the students be able to attend their programmes. Furthermore, an Achievers Ghana scholarship is in the works to allow girls to further their studies and apply their tech knowledge in the field of their choice.

She has also begun including boys in the classes to challenge gender norms. This helps boys “learn to see a woman as a contributing person [within society].”

Through this project, Agyare has been able to “show ‘the community the value of educating girls'” and to empower them to have a voice in their own futures and the future of their community.

Source: Thomas Page, CNN