Thailand’s Princess Teaches IT to Children, Youth, Persons with Disabilities and Delinquents

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Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn developed the Information Technology Project to teach children in hospitals, juvenile delinquents, persons with disabilities, and prisoners to use ICTs. Training includes everything from animation to technology assembly and is, in part, delivered through electronic distant learning TV (eDLTV).

More than 20,000 prisoners in 4 prisons have benefited from the training so far, and the project will soon expand to 25 prisons. This allows participants to find employment while they are in prison, working for call centres and similar companies, in order to secure their futures when they are released. 78 prisoners currently hold such jobs.

Some female inmates have also started producing Digital Accessible Information SYstem (DAISY) books for the blind; the Association of the Blind will employ these prisoners to develop such versions of books.

More than 8,000 juvenile delinquents have also received training in five training centres to help them secure employment as adults upon their release.

Finally, since 1995, hospitals have also trained young patients in ICT. Now, training in 29 hospitals benefits approximately 50,000 children annually. This helps hospitalized children stay on top of their studies so that they can maintain high levels of academic achievement when they are discharged.

The Princess’ project has spread throughout the country, now with private companies providing further support for the scheme, enabling it to continue to grow.

Source: Asina Pornwasin, The Nation Multimedia