Pygmies Use ICT for Cultural and Ecological Preservation

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Various organizations used ICT to help the Pygmies in the Democratic Republic of Congo preserve culture and ecosystem as part of the Moabi Project. The Moabi Project, developed by the WWF and the OSFAC is a participatory online mapping system.

Other partners included the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IISA), University College London UCL), l’Observatoire Sattellital des Forets d’Afrique Centrale (OSFAC) and l’Ovservatoire de la Gouvernance Foresti√®re (OGF) and LINAPYCO (a Pygmies lobby group).

This project included training workshops on, for example, using technology to conserve forest resources. Pygmies learned to use GPS apps on Smartphones to, for example, improve their hunting and fishing.

Euloge Smaba, one of the ICT trainers, considered this initiative particularly important given that many indigenous peoples’ needs are often ignored by their governments. This project helped enable the more than one million Pygmies, as well as other vulnerable groups, to retain both their traditions and their environment.

Source: Biztechafrica