Improving Primary School ICT Education in Dominica

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The Ministry of Information, Science, Telecommunication and Technology in Dominica demonstrated its commitment to ICT education by donating four desktop computers to the Kelleb Laurent Primary School in St. Joseph.

Minister Kevlar Darroux, the Member of Parliament for that area, personally delivered the computers. “Technology is a vital learning tool in the advancement of your learning and that is why having access to a computer and the internet is [important]. The Government of Dominica is placing tremendous emphasis on ensuring that we make the tools available to you,” he said to students at the school. He also emphasized the importance of learning ICT skills from an early age.

The school is incredibly appreciative of this generous donation. Margaret Jules Royer, the school’s Education Officer said, “The Principal and members of staff will ensure that ICT is taught and integrated with other subjects at the Kelleb Laurent Primary School,” and mentioned that now “information is at [their] fingertips.”

Source: Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica