Vodacom Business Nigeria Celebrates International Girls in ICT Day

Image source: http://media.biztechafrica.com/media/images/stories/_thumbs/vodacom_business_jpg_410x270_upscale_q85.jpg

Image source: http://media.biztechafrica.com/media/images/stories/_thumbs/vodacom_business_jpg_410x270_upscale_q85.jpg

As part its commitment to youth empowerment through ICT with the Power to You Project, Vodacom Business Nigeria, in partnership with e-Business Life Communication Limited, hosted a Girls in ICT Day event that reached over 100 secondary school girls.

The company held this event in response to the fact that there are far fewer women working in the ICT sector in Nigeria than males, in part because fewer females study ICT at the secondary or tertiary level, or receive formal education at all. Vodacom Business Nigeria hopes to empower girls to study ICT from an early age. “We feel it’s our responsibility to support initiatives aimed at increasing the number of skilled and qualified women in Nigeria, and we enjoin other companies to contribute to this course,” said Mrs. Obafunke Atanda, ‘Senior Manager Product Portfolio’ at the company.

Mrs. Ufoma Euophedaro, CEO of e-Business Life Communication Limited, also underscored the importance of this initiative. “Companies like Vodacom are playing a key role in the global push to get young women and girls excited about a future career in ICT. You educate a woman, you educate a generation. We are grateful for Vodacom’s participation in support for this event.”

The day involved fun, hands-on activities such as coding, blogging, and app development to help girls see ICT as a desirable future career field.

Source: Kokumo Goodie, BiztechAfrica