Beyond Girls in ICT Day: Empowering Women through ICT in Nigeria

Dr. Omobola Johnson, the Minister of Communications Technology in Nigeria, demonstrated her commitment to empowering girls through ICT at the recent Girls in ICT Day celebration in the country.

She said at the event, “Removing the barriers that stop women and girls from embracing ICTs and getting more women and girls to adopt and appropriate ICTs for their own benefit is a task that government is committed to especially in the light of…global statistics that place women behind in the adoption and utilization of ICTs. Men dominate the field of ICTs more than women, and this must change.”

This commitment, however, goes beyond the country’s annual participation in International Girls in ICT Day. Johnson leads the Girls and Women in Nigeria Initiative, in partnership to empower women and girls through ICTs. This initiative includes “the Smart Women Nigeria Project (SHE APP), the 1000 Girls in ICT training program, and the Digital Girls Club Programme.”

Johnson says, “In Nigeria, women and girls makeup approximately 50 per cent of Nigeria’s population and it is the belief of government that embracing ICTs will help Nigerian women and girls actualize their potentials and contribute to the economic development of the country,” reiterating her clear dedication to gender equality and the empowerment of women through ICTs.

Source: Emma Okonji, AllAfrica