Youth-Senior Partnerships for Digital Literacy Training

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Walsa, which means “link” in English, is “an intergenerational ICT learning” initiative of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology Qatar (ictQATAR). This programme is part of ictQATAR’s Digital Inclusion Strategy which, in part, recognizes the exclusion of senior citizens from ICT.

Through Walsa, young people will teach senior citizens to use ICT. The goal of this initiative is both to bridge the digital divide and to strengthen family bonds in the country.

The country recognizes the key role digital literacy plays in the country’s pursuit of a knowledge economy, on which they elaborate in the Qatar National Vision 2030. Finally, the Supreme Education Council also recognizes the importance of erasing the digital gap in society. The Director, Fawiza Al Khater says, “Literacy no longer means being able to read and write if you are still digitally illiterate.”

Source: The Peninsula Qatar