Malta Improves Digital Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities

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Malta’s Foundation for Technology Accessibility presented “Braille embossing services, ICT Training and Information Sessions, Helpdesk Support, the Accessibility Certification, the Consultancy Services and the Maltese Speech Engine” to the country’s Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness, José Herrera, and Parliamentary Secreatry for Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, Justyne Caruana.

Dr. Caruana discusses the importance of the FITA’s work given that persons with disabilities suffer most from the digital divide in the country. She notes that, in particular, such strides can work towards ending discrimination and providing employment opportunities.

Both Parliamentary Secretaries reiterate the government’s commitment to improving accessibility to ICT for persons with disabilities through policy.

FITA has grown in recent years and is continually expanding its services and reach, clearly making a positive impact on digital inclusion in the country.

Source: The Independent