ICT in Community Schools in Zambia

As part of their goals to provide access to education for all in the country, Zambia’s Patriotic Front have included ICT and computer studies in the national curriculum.

However, the country faces a variety of challenges in realizing this goal, such as poor infrastructure and lack of proper equipment. Some community schools also do not have staff members who are able to teach ICT. Given that after grade eight such courses are examined, this is a particular problem.

A grade six student at the Fountain of Hope community school named Mercy Banda says she has never even touched a computer, despite this curriculum change. Their school does not have electricity either, which poses a further problem in this case.

Community schools in Zambia are free schools that are run by groups such as NGOs, churches, or adults in the community in their homes. They often do not receive adequate training and support to carry out the government’s national curriculum.

However, despite these challenges, it is still an important step on the part of the government to include such material in the curriculum.

Source: Christine Mwaaba, The Times of Zambia, Distributed by AllAfrica Global Media