MTN Teaches ICT to Persons with Disabilities

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MTN’s volunteering scheme, 21 Days of Y’ello Care, will benefit disadvantaged schools throughout Africa.

In Nigeria, 11 secondary schools will receive new digital libraries , and others will get upgraded e-learning centers. Similar e-learning schemes will be implemented in Benin and Rwanda. In Swaziland, MTN will provide smartboards, projectors, and laptops to eight schools preloaded with educational content. MTN will give computer laboratories to schools in South Africa, Guinea Bissau, and the Ivory Coast.

The staff will run “an ICT boot camp” called “Digital Revolution” in South Sudan, with a focus on lessons for girls. Another training program will take place in Botswana, which also includes free internet access for a year. MTN will continue to use their Internet Bus in Uganda as well as other ICT Hubs to train 2,500 additional people in ICT skills. Finally, MTN will train teachers in ICT skills in Rwanda and Ghana.

MTN will provide braille printers to schools in Zambia as well as special accessible computers. Staff volunteering in Guinea Conarkry will also help students with disabilities by providing an ICT center and training. They will also develop classrooms for visually impaired students in Cameroon that include ICT components.

Other projects include painting classrooms in Afghanistan and Guinea Bissau, teaching schools recycling in Sudan, installing solar panels in Rwanda, teaching children to read in Ghana, and translating material into local languages in Zambia.

Finally, this initiative includes monetary prizes to be re-invested into similar projects. The company awards three such prizes of up to USD $100,000.

Source: IT News Africa