Namibia’s Top ICT Entrepreneurs

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Owen Mahoto (age 22) and Ivlan Limba (age 25) have taken Namibia’s ICT sector by storm with their company OMIG Technology Systems. This company “[specializes] in software, hardware, networks, GPS Tracking, web designing, mobile applications and digital advertising.”

Mahoto first founded the company in September 2014. A few months later, Limba joined and the two made it to the top five in the Sanlam Innovation Works Competition. Under the mentorship of NBII, they expanded their company to include a Chief of Operations and a Lead Software Developer.

They hope to further expand their company and help Namibia reach the top of the ICT industry. “We are constantly looking into new technologies that will put Namibia at the forefront of ICT in Africa and globally,” they said. They are already part of the development of an online booking and payment system, called Yellow Mobile, that is sure to be a success.

The two note the challenges they have faced in developing their business and convincing investors that their project was worthwhile, given the strong competition in the industry. Limba says, “No one who is living their dreams started out perfectly, they just did not quit when failure was the result of their effort. If you have an idea, do not let the guy with the money tell you that you or your ideas are not worth it, stick to what you believe and you will succeed.”

For the future, aside from improving Namibia’s position in the global ICT market, the team hopes to secure more corporate clients, while still maintaining ties with small and medium enterprises. Finally, they hope to help more youth get involved in ICT work.

Source: Namibia Economist