Getting More Girls into STEM

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Drew Jarvis, an “educator, former scientific researcher, politician and President of Southeastern University,” is an advocate of getting more girls to follow STEM paths. She has some ideas for how to include more women.

She thinks an interest in STEM starts from a young age. “We need to message parents or guardians and teachers that the old message of what’s permissible for girls to do should be avoided. If girls believe they can succeed, they’ll be more interested in pursuing subjects like math and science.” Parents and teachers can act as mentors for children when the interest in these fields first strikes.

Jarvis highlights online resources that provide information for women and girls interested in these careers including FabFems, Girls Who Code, Women@NASA, Engineer Girl, and Camp Invention.

Finally, she emphasizes the need for presenting both “historical and current role models for girls in the STEM field” to encourage them to follow these paths.

For more information on these and other programs see also our Girls in ICT Portal.

Source: Beth Cone Cramer, Huffington Post