Huawei’s Commitment to Employment and Digital Literacy for Young People and Girls

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Huawei supports youth employment in Africa with a particular focus on women and girls. They recently sponsored five girls’ trip to China through their She Leads Africa Fellowship. One recipient, Danielle Reid, developed, which caught the attention of Lesotho’s Ministry of Education, the Lesotho Teachers Trade Union, and the Vodacom Foundation.

Around the same time, Cyril Ramaphosa, Deputy President of South Africa, and Jason Li, Executive Board Director of Huawei, met in China to discuss ICT infrastructure and talent development in South Africa.

Chenyu Li, based in Nigeria and manager of media affairs, commented on the meeting, noting the importance of Africa in the digital landscape. “Africa is the future, everybody is talking this way, right? Africa has a big population, resources and talented people…we are expecting to work with some emerging companies.”

She clarifies that, though Huawei is based in China, they remain internationally-focused. In particular, they are working hard to help young people find employment, offering both job opportunities at the company, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship among African youth.

Huawei also recently trained 1000 girls in ICT in Nigeria. They will provide additional training for 1000 professionals in South Africa over the next five years.

Finally, Li considers this a learning experience on both sides. “I think there are a lot of ideas that can be transferred across cultures, in addition for us it’s really interesting whether there will be any telecommunications partners that we might pick up there (in China),” she says, noting that the company hopes to continue to expand its business partnerships with the continent.

Source: Matshelane Mamabolo, IT Web Africa