Changing the Youth Employment Landscape through the Internet of Everything

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Vision Mobile predicts that 4.5 million entrepreneurs and developers will use the Internet of Things (IoE) in their projects by 2020. 201 million people were unemployed around the world last year, and 74 million of them were young people. The IoE is a promising prospect for reducing this number.

A recent Cisco-funded Gartner study, “Cisco IoE/ IoT Employment Opportunity Creation Analysis,” discusses the effects of the Internet of Everything and the Internet of Things on employment trends. The report finds that manufacturing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare will be the largest four industries in 2020. Jobs in digital security and privacy, applications development, application support, systems operations, business analytics, and product design and experience are expected to be the fastest growing jobs, with growth ranging from 26-30% for each. Necessary skills for these jobs are “data analytics, security, device management, and application development” as well as soft skills including “creativity, innovative design, and entrepreneurship.”

Cisco aims to address this growing market by working with NGOs, charities, and civil society organizations to augment these skills in potential employees. Cisco strives to develop talent and reduce youth unemployment through emerging opportunities in the IoE. For example, the Cisco Networking Academy teaches IT skills to more than 9,500 students annually.

Tae Yoo, Senior VP of Corporate Affairs at CISCO says, “Together, we have the power to inspire, connect, and deliver on new opportunities and rich experiences that can open doors to innovation and progress while growing global economies and increasing well-being. The time to act is now. Are you ready?”

Source: Tae Yoo, Huffington Post