MITA’s 25th Anniversary and Commitment to Accessibility, Employment and the Elderly

According to Tony Sultana, Executive Chairman of the Maltese Information Technology Agency (MITA), MITA’s achievements over the past 25 years are vast and varied.

The organization has made great strides in using ICTs for education. For example, the government provided the first 300 computers to governmental offices, as well as 30 LANs. It also supplied laptops and PCs to schools, including equipping all teachers with laptops by 2008.

In 2001, MITA and KNPD established the Foundation for IT Accessibility, which is another key accomplishment that continues to help citizens with disabilities.

Sultana joined the agency as an intern in the early 1990s, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to youth employment. Finally, MITA created an Innovation Hub at Smart City to incubate and invest in start-ups.

Today, MITA’s primary goals are to “strengthen the existing Government infrastructure and invest in new technologies,” according to Sultana. Another more recent initiative is a pilot digital literacy project for senior citizens, further grants for entrepreneurial projects, and improving eGovernment services.

“We will continue to assist government by acting as the catalyst for change to continuously improve end-to-end citizen experience,” Sultana says. With such vast progress over the past 25 years, it is clear that MITA will continue effectively servicing its citizens and reaching these goals.

Source: Times of Malta