Scotland Supports Youth Entrepreneurs

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Nicola Sturgeon, First Minster of Scotland, recently committed £400,000 to the Prince’s Trust Scotland Enterprise Programme. This initiative supports the entrepreneurial endeavours of young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds by offering advice, information, and financial support.

This announcement came as part of the unveiling of the Samsung digital classroom in Glasgow, which will be used for technology training. The centre will also be available to young entrepreneurs to help them develop their businesses.

With youth unemployment at its highest since 2005, Sturgeon sees this as a way to “see [young people’s] economic potential unleashed.”

According to Sturgeon, young people need initiatives like these in order to “see entrepreneurial activity as a viable and valid option.” In this way, the Prince’s Trust Scotland can help “any young person reach their full potential.”

Allan Watt, director of the Prince’s Trust Scotland says that 1,800 young people worked with the trust last year. Over the past 25 years, the trust has created thousands of jobs and inspired many more through its support of youth entrepreneurship.

Watt says this added funding will help them reach even more young people to ensure that everyone is able to receive the “advice, mentoring and financial support to explore, develop and launch their business ideas.”

Source: Victoria Brenan, Evening Times