First Coding School for Girls in Afghanistan

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Fereshteh Forough, the founder and CEO of Code to Inspire, Afghanistan’s first coding school for girls, recently discussed her project with Neil deGrasse Tyson at the Clinton Global Initiative’s meeting in New York City. The theme of this session was “disruptive technology,” something Forough is no stranger to.

Code to Inspire is a coding organization for women aged 15-25. Its schools teach women and girls to code and help them enter the IT sector. The schools serve as safe spaces for these women to learn such skills.

Forough hopes that women will then go on to design mobile apps or other projects and sees the Code to Inspire model as one that could easily be scaled up throughout the region.

For Forough, these schools are about more than simply learning to code. Rather, she says, “it’s also about how to increase your self-esteem, to present your idea and be more outspoken. That’s why it’s only for women. It’s the only place they feel relaxed and comfortable, they can enjoy and ask any question they want and be innovative.”

To watch the full interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson and other footage from the meeting click here.

Source: Joseph Erbentraut, Huffington Post