Women in cybersecurity and inspiration for the weekend

This insightful article from Josephine Wolff underlines some of the reasons why women might not be present as widely as they should in the cybersecurity industry, and sheds light on some features that might distance them from the increasingly popular hackathons.

Josephine showcases various opinions and experiences in her article, including those of Halie Murray-Davis, a programmer that participated in two hackathons that differ from the normalcy: 2014 International Women’s Hackathon and the Unhackathon.

We have looked into those two events and the good news is that they have both been successful!

The 2015 Unhackathon’s first priorities were inclusiveness and safety and their goal was that every participant finished their experience proud of what they had achieved. The next event  is taking place at the end of January in New York City and is open to undergrads and high school students.

In 2015, the International Women’s Day Hackathon was a free 3-day online event and any woman could join in from their home!  There were over 8000 participants and, as highlighted on their website, only 20% of all programmers in the world are women. So it is great that inclusive initiatives such as this one are taking place.

Here’s another hackathon taking place next year (and if you have heard of any others taking place do not hesitate to share them with us at girlsinict (at) itu.int!): Women in STEM, Dubai, February 2016.

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