Mapping app to pin-point accessible locations

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Maayan Ziv, a student from Ryerson University that lives with Muscular Dystrophy, has developed an app that shows accessible locations worldwide. Using crowd sourced information, AccessNow, a web based interactive map classifies places in 4 different categories (Accessible, Partially Accessible, Patio Access Only and Not Accessible) and welcomes contributions from all users.

This is a welcome development for wheelchair users and an invaluable database for public authorities and other parties concerned to pinpoint areas that need improvement. So far, 93 cities and 1629 places have been pinned.

The Guelph Accessibility Project, from the homonymous city in Canada, found out about the app and has already started working on adding as much information as possible regarding their area. Wouldn’t it be great if other communities around the world gathered forces to make this a globally informative map?

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