Pakistan’s ICTs for Girls programme to help train 5000 girls

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The Pakistani government, through its autonomous body Bait-ul-Mal and and the national Universal Service Fund, has joined forces with Microsoft to launch the ICTs for Girls programme. Targeted at women, this initiative is aimed at leveraging on opportunities brought about by the digital era to bridge the social gap that exists within the country as well as contribute to the economy’s development.

Bait-ul-Mal’s various women empowerment centres in underserved areas shall receive a total of fifty ICT laboratories (covering a third of the centres), financed by the Universal Service Fund, to provide training in software and networking along with soft skills like communication communication. The main goal of the programme is to empower women and girls and boost their career opportunities.

Microsoft is responsible to develop a training plan based on targeted and relevant content so the engagement of the participants is maximised. The target set is to reach between 4 and 5 thousand girls just in the first phase of this programme.

Anusha Rehman, the country’s Minister for Information Technology, stressed that women have to “(…) focus on learning different IT and computer skills as Information Technology had assumed a pivotal role in every sphere of life” (National Transparency)

Pakistan is also working on two other projects: tele-centres to reach remote areas and a tech city in Islamabad.

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