EziSmart phone case provides better accessibility for persons with motor disabilities

EziSmart accessibility device

EziSmart accessibility device. Photo from SINTEF.

EziSmart is a phone case with physical buttons that supports the elderly and persons with motor disabilities to utilize mobile devices. The design was created by inventor Richard Chan and SINTEF, through funding from the Norwegian Regional Research Fund system.

It is currently suited for Samsung S6, A3 and S4 mobile models, but will be adapted for a wider variety of Android smartphones soon. The buttons are designed in model and size in order for users with trembling hands to type more precisely. Some other functionalities include GPS tracking through other phones, a text-to-speech app for visual impairments and the capability of triggering SOS alarms with location information sent to pre-selected contacts.

According to Reidun Gully, one of the test participants, “Before I started using this, I had an ordinary mobile phone. As an older person, when you start using a smartphone, you already feel quite clumsy. Being able to use a physical keyboard felt more familiar and simpler.”

Sources: GAATES