Cloud in a Box enables access to internet and educational digital contents

Eduze, digital content startup developed a small device called CLOX (Cloud in a Box) that allows users to browse, stream and download digital content to mobile devices for no cost. The device can connect 30 users to quality video at the same time.

The foundation is installing CLOX boxes in public and private spaces such as transportation, schools and government offices in Africa, offering access to educational content from platforms such as TED, Khan Academy, National Geographic or the BBC. This infrastructure provides simple access to internet while supporting people to enhance their digital literacy skills through select educational content in different formats including e-books, podcasts, videos and apps.

According to Charlie Beuthin, co-founder of Eduze, I believe we can create contextual, digital experiences that are truly embedded in the community they serve to educate, inform, and entertain.”

Sources: Triple Pundit