Coding classes to reach 10.000 Australian students by December 2016

Improving digital literacy by bringing 10.000 school students into coding by December 2016. This is the ambitious target of Code the Future a global community of volunteer developers and educators based in Australia. Their objective is clear: to bring the next generations from just consumers of technology to producers and creators by improving their digital and coding skills at school.

Educators can easily register their projects on the online platform and interested developers can volunteer for the project that better suits their interest and skills (projects can range from the development of game apps to coding classes based on the Arduino system or the improvement of coding skills using Minecraft). From this point it becomes a collaboration between educators and developers: teachers don’t have to know how to code and developers don’t have to know how to teach, they will simply collaborate together bringing their own experience and knowledge for the common objective of teaching children how to code.

Code the future has also partnered with Here to There, an initiative from the Startup Victoria Female Founders committee which aims at empowering young girls through entrepreneurship skills and at attracting them to technology and entrepreneurship careers (an objective fully in line with the ITU Girls in ICT initiative).

Considering also the recent endorsement by the Australian government of technologies as part of the national school curriculum, 2016 promises to be a thriving year for digital literacy in Australia.

Additional sources: StartupSmart, A new national curriculum from 2016, ACARA