Broadcasting Accessibility Fund enables inclusive access to audiovisual contents in Canada



The Broadcasting Accessibility Fund is a unique independent program approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in 2012. Its main role is to “support and fund innovative projects that provide platform-neutral solutions to promote accessibility of all broadcasting content in Canada

Last week the Fund announced an award of $723,500 dollars in grants to be divided between seven accessibility broadcasting projects chosen by the Board of Directors. By investing in these initiatives, the Canadian government seeks to promote innovative and cost-effective solutions that use technology to ensure equal content access for persons with disabilities.

The selected proposals addressed the following topics:

  • Accessible media production courses for student journalists
  • Speech-to-text conversion technologies
  • Mixed switch devices that are able to control media equipment and wheelchairs at the same time
  • User Interface to develop mechanisms for allowing blind and low vision users to access video contents
  • Web platform development for sharing radio content related to disabilities and accessibility
  • Assisting hearing impaired with accessible features for media devices and a web based guide to website accessibility
  • Enhanced real-time and post-production captioning mechanisms

For more information about the projects, visit the Broadcasting Accessibility Fund´s official website.

Additional Sources: GAATESBroadcasting Accessibility Fund