RErights asks young people about their rights in the digital age

The constantly growing adoption of digital technologies worldwide is certainly generating significant benefits for the general population. Nevertheless, new challenges are also arising and they must be addressed in order to allow everyone, including children and young people, to take advantage of the full potential these technologies can offer.

Rerights is a research project that invites children and young people to collaborate and express their views on their rights in the digital age. The information is collected through a series of “Operations” and “Missions” that can be completed in different creative formats such as drawings, videos and blog posts. The content provided will be regularly condensed in the form of infographics and short videos that will be available on the Rerights website. The final project’s findings will be then synthesized in a report and a series of papers for informing relevant decision-making processes worldwide.

Are you between 12-18 years old? If so, we invite you to join us now in an exciting new initiative!


A global action research project interested in children and young people’s views on their rights in the digital age!

The internet is just over 25 years old, and so is the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Our world has changed a lot since then.

How do you use technology? Has technology impacted on your rights? This is what wants to find out!

The last time we collaborated with young people, we took your insights directly to the United Nations. We invite you to work with us now to rethink your rights for the digital age. Be part of the change!

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