Kenya’s Digital Literacy Program… In Process

In 2013 Kenya’s Digital Literacy Program – under the lead of the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) – invited diverse multistakeholder groups to send their project proposals for integrating the use of digital technologies in the learning process of students in public primary schools. In early February two main bidders were selected to start the semifinal round. These projects were chosen based on financial sustainability, partnerships with key stakeholders, capacity building and overall strategy.

The winners were two consortiums composed by Moi University/ JP Sa Couto and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology/Positivo BGH. Now, the two winners will begin trialing their projects  in 150 selected schools across the 47 counties of Kenya in order to first evaluate the feasibility of their digital educational programs. If the pilot phase succeeds, these programs will be implemented in 22,000 public primary schools.

It is important to emphasize that the winners’ proposals are integral initiatives that contemplate several factors, including ICT infrastructure, preparing school personnel for using technology tools, generating digital educational contents, promoting universal access to ICTs in schools and entrenching ICT in the teaching, learning and managing educational processes.


Additional Sources: Digischool