“Programa tus Ideas” preparing 100 Chilean teachers to code

Programa tus Ideas Workshop

Source: Programa tus Ideas

Promoting innovation in the field of information technologies in developing countries is of great importance due to its potential as a tool for preparing workers to become competitive in today’s digital economy. For this reason Chile is currently hosting diverse initiatives and programs meant to enhance the interest of children in STEM fields and teach technical skills in primary and secondary school.

Following this idea, the public-private partnership comprised of  Fundación País, Inria Chile and Samsung launched at the end of January a group initiative focused on teaching 100 teachers how to code mobile applications. The main objective of this Summer Camp is to provide school personnel with relevant skills and knowledge that may be shared later on with children in local App coding clubs. This approach, focuses on preparing teachers rather than students, increases awareness and allows further technology initiatives to proliferate in schools.

According to Catalina Araya, Education Director for Fundación País Digital: “Today’s children must be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges, and coding stimulates creativity, the ability to focus and efficient problem solving.”


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